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Missed attending the PAMRO 2022 Conference in Cape Town recently? 

One of the most anticipated research events across Pan-Africa, PAMRO 2022 offered fantastic glimpses in to new research approaches. One being the paper presented by Borderless Access alongside Spark Media, titled: 

"Building the future together with local customers.”

Recognising the vital role that local communities play in South Africa's economy, the presentation focused on how a digital-1st approach to reach +23,000 consumers across 97 local communities, is future proofing the now 20-year-old Roots Insight Program, an investment that Spark Media makes available and free-to-use for customers. 

Check out the full presentation delivered by our own Bev Tigar-Bassett I Vice President, Business Development I Africa, UK, Europe and Spark Medias Research Manager - Lynn Krog. 

Speak to our experts:

Bev Tigar-Bassett

Bev Tigar-Bassett

Vice President, Business Development
Africa, UK, Europe
Mobile: +27 795726233