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We look forward to meeting you at

Quirk's Event New York, 2nd-3rd November 2021

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Representing Borderless Access will be

Jason Tiffer

Jason Tiffer

Senior Vice President, Sales (Americas)

Luke Francis-1

Luke Francis

Associate Vice President, Sales (Americas)

They will be present during both days of the event to discuss with you and answer all your queries about our digital market research capabilities and more.

About Us?

We empower brands with actionable insights using innovative technology-driven methods, digital consumer access, and analytics, for sustainable growth.

Some of our digital research solutions include:

About BA Health

BA Health provides a world-class synergy of primary market research, business intelligence, and reporting and analytics services to global healthcare, pharma and biotech, life sciences, and medical devices companies.

Our real-time healthcare insights capabilities include:

Need tailored solutions for your B2B, B2C & healthcare research challenges? We can help!

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