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Meet us at PMRC-US 2022

Presentation Date And Time
Tuesday, 10th May 2022 | 4:20 PM - 4:55 PM (GMT -4) | Track B

"Does Big Data methods work on Small Data?  Discovering efficacy of engagement levers inspired from Meta/Google & WhatsApp on online healthcare communities."

This session is intended for pharma, biotech, and medical device stakeholders who can be benefited by 

  1. Understanding & improving the level of patient engagement with online healthcare communities
  2. Uncover patient’s untold perceptions on diagnosis, treatment, brand perception, and usage
  3. Analyze patient’s reaction for social media listening on efficacy, side effects & treatment costs


Meet the Borderless Access team at PMRC US 2022, 


Mahesh Lingaiah

AVP, Healthcare Borderless Access

MicrosoftTeams-image (78)-1

Luke Francis

AVP Healthcare US

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Jason Tiffer

Senior Vice President, Sales (Americas)

We'll be looking forward to meeting you post the presentation. You can explore the possibilities for your business with the innovative solutions BA Health has to offer to strengthen your brand.

About Us?

Borderless Access is an award-winning market research company empowering brands with actionable insights using its digital-first products and solutions for agile research.

BA Health

BA Health provides a world-class synergy of primary market research, business intelligence, and reporting and analytics services to global healthcare, pharma and biotech, life sciences, and medical devices companies.

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