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Meet Us At Pharma CI 2022

Presentation Date and Time
Wednesday 21st September 2022 | 4:40 PM - 5:20 PM (EDT, UTC -4)

This session is intended for healthcare industry stakeholders who will be benefit by

  • Understanding of Integrated CI methodology across healthcare ecosystem which provides 360-degree insights.
  • Development of stronger CI and BI insights roadmap and intuitive visualization for CI end users.
  • Empower CI end users with real-time data reporting and analytics topped with social media and web insights.



Luke Francis

VP Healthcare US


Mahesh Lingaiah

Global Healthcare Research
and Analytics Practice Lead

We'll be looking forward to meeting you post the presentation. You can explore the possibilities for your business with the innovative solutions BA Health has to offer to strengthen your brand.

About BA Health and HealthSight

BA Health provides a world-class synergy of primary market research, business intelligence, and reporting and analytics services to global healthcare, pharma and biotech, life sciences, and medical devices companies.

Our real-time healthcare insights capabilities include:

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