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EphMRA 2021 Online Conference

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Presentation Date and Time
Wednesday 16th June 2021 | 11:00 AM - 11.30 AM (UK Time)

In our presentation, titled The Power of Digital Patient Journey Mapping, we will discuss the practical approach towards creating patient journey maps. The session will illustrate this through a case study describing how BA Health created patient journey maps for women’s health, targeting in vitro fertilisation and endometriosis, for a client and helped them increase the patient base for USA and EU5.

"The Power of Digital Patient Journey Mapping



Mahesh Lingaiah

AVP, Healthcare
Borderless Access


Max Czycholl

VP, Europe
Borderless Access

We’ll be glad to e-meet you post the presentation and discuss the various possibilities and benefits digital patient journey mapping has to offer for your business requirements and how BA Health can help you achieve them.

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