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Did you miss our presentation at PMRC-US 2021 or would like to download a copy of our presentation?

The Role of Social Media Analytics in Healthcare

Our paper showcased the practical approach on how social media analytics can be used to analyze patient/caregivers’ reactions, perceptions, and sentiments for prescribed treatment. The objective of social media analytics is to assist healthcare stakeholders to gain insights on patient perception and experience with,

  • Brand: usage, side effects, dosage, efficacy, compliance, ease-of-use
  • Treatment: drivers for positive sentiments and negative sentiment

We used a real-time case study to highlight patients’ perceptions and insights generated from our proprietary social media analytics framework for a global pharmaceutical and health care company that wanted to evaluate patient preference and response for anti-diabetes drugs in the USA. The focus was to analyze social media posts from Type-2 Diabetes patients (T2DM) to gather insights on medication preference, side effects, dosage, efficacy, compliance, switch-in, switch-out, and share-of-voice for top diabetes drugs.

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