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Healthcare Consultation Disrupted: The Impact of Patient Behaviour Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected patient behaviour, in particular, how they seek medical consultation. This change in behaviour in turn will have an impact on doctor-patient interactions and healthcare in general. Our report explores patient behaviour before and after COVID-19 and posits the influence of these changes on future healthcare.
This report, titled “Healthcare Consultation Disrupted: The Impact of Patient Behaviour Post COVID-19”, was compiled using insights gathered from 2906 patients across 10 markets. The report explores changes in consumer sentiments and behaviour related to healthcare in various scenarios and also highlights new methods of consultation that are gaining traction.


Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour and expectation from Brands

Consumer priorities, as well as expectations from brands have evolved dramatically in just a matter of weeks due to COVID-19. At the same time, the lockdowns across the globe have severely impacted the global economy.

These changes have put businesses across the spectrum under a lot of stress. For businesses to grow during this crisis, it is imperative for them to optimally respond to the situation and continue to deliver what their customers expect and require.

With this objective in mind, Borderless Access has compiled a report, “Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour”, from an online survey of 4,700 consumers across 9 markets. The report gives a clear picture of consumer sentiments and what they expect and need from brands during this pandemic.

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