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Gain an in-depth understanding of advertising effectiveness during this cricket season with our syndicated report ‘Impact of Advertising and Its Reach Through IPL in India’.

What is the report 'Impact of Advertising and Its Reach Through IPL in India' about?

As always, Indian Premier League 2019 attracted massive advertising interest on both traditional and social media platforms, with over 90 advertisers this season. Given its extensive and high-quality reach, brands ramped up their association with the league to gain a high top-of-the-mind recall.

Even as the IPL season has concluded, ICC Cricket World Cup is upon us. In this season of cricketing extravaganza, Borderless Access is excited to present to you our report on cricket advertising. 

This report will help brands gauge the overall reach and appeal for various advertisements in India and their impact throughout the duration of the event. 

A strong consumer orientation establishes the backbone of all successful marketing actions. This insights from this report can enable advertisers to reach an inference about the effectiveness of their spending decisions based on how well ads resonate with the audience.

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