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Emerging Digital Consumer Trends: The study focuses on the age band of 30 to 55 years and is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Online Behaviour
  2. Social Media
  3. Entertainment
  4. Online Shopping
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Holiday

This research was conducted during the third quarter of 2018 by our Research Team to track online consumer behaviour. Major categories from various sectors were identified, and consumer preferences from each category were analysed.

The report provides the following actionable insights:

  • Insights on how consumers in the age band of 30 to 55 behave digitally. This also includes detailed information regarding the major factors influencing consumer decision while shopping online
  • A snapshot of how consumers can be approached across segments, spanning across industries in different regions across the globe
  • Helps with strategically analysing various industry segments with respect to individual growth trends, prospects, and contributions to the overall market

Impact of Advertising and Its Reach Through IPL in India: Is IPL an effective brand advertising platform? Gain an in-depth understanding of advertising effectiveness during this cricket season with our syndicated report.

Rising Mornings: An in-depth report about consumers’ morning routine, behaviour and habits to help brands thrive.

Consumer engagement by brands needs to go beyond mainstream sales and marketing methods. Organisations need to develop a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour to allow for more transparent interactions and to respond more effectively to their needs. The report focuses on the behavioural pattern of consumers. In particular, how they go about their morning schedules.

Consumer Trends in Pet Food Industry: Our report on consumer trends in pet food industry explores the various aspects that are contributing towards the growth in the pet food, healthcare and well-being industry. This study focuses on several aspects of pet ownership, including intent for pet ownership, categories of pet food popular with pet owners, the various healthcare pet checkups, spending on necessary and lifestyle pet items among others.

Consumer Behaviour in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality: This report dives deep into the process of planning travel along with all other related aspects such as seasonal patterns, brands opted and more.

Marketers can respond to the undercurrents by understanding the behaviour & its impact on changing attitudes, channels, and preferences towards various elements related to travel and tourism which includes choice of destination, seasonality patterns, duration, type of accommodation used, factors influenced in shortlisting destinations, brands opted, research activities conducted by consumers before finalising travel plans, and their planning pattern across the regions. 

Consumer Behaviour and their Attitude towards Smart-stores: Get all your answers to questions related to smart-store trends from the perspective of consumers and lots more.

Retail industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation in every aspect ranging from crypto payments, augmented reality, customised offers, consumer experience, etc. With the infusion of digital technologies such as contactless payments, digital displays, augmented reality systems, etc the retail landscape is undergoing a massive shift from its traditional touch base to more digitally advanced services. Hence it is the need of the hour to determine if the consumers are in sync with this trend of rapid digital transformation which is shaping up the retail landscape.

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TAPP: A technology-based kaleidoscope of consumer behavior and emotions for concept testing, market understanding, understanding path-to-purchase, in-the-moment and diary studies, and much more.

Panel Solutions: Access our 3.47 million engaged online and mobile consumers across the globe.

SmartSight: The Intelligent Community Management Solution!

Healthcare Panels and Full-service Research: Data Collection, Tracker Studies, Full Service Research with our diverse set of respondents comprises physicians (general practitioners, lifestyle disease specialists, etc.), allied healthcare professionals and patients in key geographies.

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